by piss factory

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  • 377 zine

    Zine to accompany them 377 soundz
    i'm scout i made it
    28 pages eyyyyy

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bottom right image: mammoth shoulder blade dated to 20,000 years ago, possibly used as a percussive instrument (discovered in mezin, ukraine)

i love MIA, bjork, yoko peej + django

thankyou to friends who lent me instruments & pedals (shannon, hamish), thanku b and tom for everything. thankyou to melbourne for being a nice city to move to

"how poignant the late afternoons of autumn! poignant to the verge of pain, for there are certain delicious sensations which are no less intense for being vague; and there is no sharper point than that of Infinity [...]" (charles baudelaire "paris spleen," 1869)


released May 11, 2017

scout did this <3


all rights reserved



piss factory Melbourne, Australia

if ratso rizzo stole a guitar and a copy of rocket to russia, he would be piss factory's fraternal twin.

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Track Name: 377
i rent 4 walls and a window
i rent a pillow to put my head on
round here they call it shag mansion
but im like a nun at a convention
twist and shout just like you mean it
bed is respite from the real world
outside i watch the leaves go round and round
dont let the bastards get u down

"on a lonely planet spinning its way to damnation
amid the fear and despair of a broken human race,
who is left to fight for all that is good and pure? [yes, its the surprising adventures of sir digby chicken caesar]

just around the corner
choose your own adventure
my head is just full of pictures
i feel rhythm in all things
just around the corner
choose your own adventure
secular religion
inside its rayonism

"guttersnipe...councillor mrs. mary potts describes it as decadent and utter filth"
Track Name: club grotto
club grotto wash your face at least
they're all gone now a waste of teeth
watch calories and watch TV

anti masturbation gum
early bird gets things done
its getting better all the time
grit your teeth, you'll be fine

Track Name: iris
cut my teeth on seaweed glass
cut my teeth on salt shade shards
behind curved glass as you pass
things bulge and recede
bric a brac the hollow crab
beady eyes oysters spy
salt patina hear the waves of a long dead sea

round stairs in the middle of the night
round stairs til it gets light

iris jumps on mattress spring
sweat stands on he upper lip
replace fear with curiosity
its all just a waking dream
nothing is good or bad it just is
Track Name: the paint hotel
the paint hotel is a symphony
of oppressive heat on wrought balcony
holding requisite movement and light
but at night it grins like victory mansions

the sun is a germs burn
unsung is a bad term
the scrolls of the dead sea
they make me feel thirsty
Track Name: ashleyronning.com
ashley ronning ur so stunning
put paper in the riso
everyone comes running
look at those colours in the drums
ashley ronning look what u've done

Track Name: insufficient funds
everything just keeps rising and rising
and u wanna cut my payrate pricing
what the fuck do you know about it
you say im spoiled well you can eat shit
yea im sure you could afford to fix it
raking in a grand a week
i could afford property too
if i got it next to nothing just like you

we look with pride to your demise
you'll soon expire we'll smile with delight
fossil fuels they cant save you
retribution is coming so so soon

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