dee dee

by piss factory

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released May 15, 2014

all songs written and recorded by penny dreadful between december 2013 - may 2014

what can you do, rather be broke than bored.


all rights reserved



piss factory Melbourne, Australia

if ratso rizzo stole a guitar and a copy of rocket to russia, he would be piss factory's fraternal twin.

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Track Name: glandular fever
terracotta pots overflow with flowers
i feel like i could sit here for hours
in the cold autumn sun just thinking of you
and all the things we've been through
glandular fever is like a lever
pulling me up from under the blue

cos everything i touch gets the sunny disease
i feel my name called in the breeze

we play house and in the kitchen
burn the chicken watch the news
you're my friend and you're my love
and between them i could not choose
Track Name: hickey
the bags under my eyes have bags under their eyes
and i've got a back like a crone
my pimples have a heartbeat of their own
there's always tomorrow
you learn on the pillow
i'll say it's ok, i know i'll be fine

my friends have all got 5 year badges
and nameplates on their desks
and my cars a mess
and i get dressed at traffic lights
but i'd do anything for you
anything that you ask me to
i'll fly you to the moon

yesterday and today
i carried the sun around with me
a secret body beacon
and i never get bored anymore
cos if i do i just think of you skinny dipping naked in your pool

the best time for wandering is lost
all is lost everything is possible
don't want to go outside at all
the world is so big around me and i'm so small
can i lay in the sun, paint my eyelids gold

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