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viv albertine philip guston paul klee diane arbus man ray brain fogs nausea courage paranoia jean pauls lazy eye grace/wastelands bowlcut sinus double winter charlie baudelaire lizzy mercier django reinhardt joan vollmer (bill u can suck it) the endless quantifying of productivity paloma picasso dancing ecstatic on broken glass ---- SAMOSAMO SAMO S A M O

"with the absolute heart of the poem of life butchered out of their own bodies good to eat a thousand years"


released September 6, 2015


all rights reserved



piss factory Melbourne, Australia

if ratso rizzo stole a guitar and a copy of rocket to russia, he would be piss factory's fraternal twin.

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Track Name: valerie solanas
he thinks he's james dean
masturbating over dylan LPs
he wears his best friends jeans
he's got dandruff like ive never seen

cigarette lips
ladies man sweet talkin shit
but lets review the situation
now i don't have to deal with premature ejaculation

amoebas on fleas
fleas on rats
you're too low for the dogs to scratch
you're scum
you're scum

i know who i am
and it's 3.30am
i'm a queen im a queen
of your fuckin dreams

amoebas on fleas
fleas on rats
you're too low for the dogs to scratch
you're scum
you're scum
Track Name: kid convalescent
hey there's the kid sister her shirts turned inside out
she's lugging all her worldly possessions around
apathy is a friend of the family
hey dunce go and think about what you've done
no one said this was gonna be fun
a picture's a sum of destructions
a punchline's a sum of destructions
Track Name: leipzig 3
having no teenage rebellion of my own at the time the repressed desires began resurfacing years later finally able to have some fun after years of being locked up by old faithful guilt morality law abiding citizenry and all round proto-capitalist good girl shit n Leipzig we were dropped on the bad side of town by a mute german named franz who almost had a haemorrhage when my vomit reflex triggered on the autobahn I was in a play with the most intricate of backdrops and a tinny bell rang somewhere deep within behind the dark wooden doors heavy with history Leipzig was burnt out grafitied brutal intense avant garde connected it had a secret behind every wooden door glass smashed out boarded up it was incredible we were accosted in the street at ten o'clock in the morning by a man whose eyes were about to be killed in a car crash he asked for a lighter we continued walking and after half an hour we passed him again with no idea how he got there oskar walked through those old rooms like a knight hand beaten armour reflecting the faces of those who enquired of his opinion pacing to different wings with hammer and lance in paint flecked fist dirt clinging under fingernails I saw skywriting this morning and a fly trod through the words and I let my neck amble too I jumped up between each second and sat with stillness I missed my home I gagged on strangeness I drew rings around limbs I missed salted skin finally the tension seemed right and what I thought was tension was actually sweat I slid down the seat and onto the ground I leant close to his face and felt his beard brush on my lips and I touched them slowly what are you doing he said and in answer I switched to the other check I can be your companion he said but whatever that meant I never found out
Track Name: 112a teesdale street
im one of your neighbours and im sick of your bloody noise just like all the other neighbours round ere

wouldn't it be nice to have a getaway driver
a B sider a hand to grab from top limb
maze of dirty laces slapping places
on the Straße watch us do the twist

telephone dialectic
not stagnant or static
love affairs on the stairs
inside songs nothings wrong

in a sixties bedsit time forgot
withnail and i tie windsor knots
and there's a policeman on the beat
at 112a teesdale street

(same time next week)
Track Name: cough rattle and roll
head full of liberty hearts all jittery
banging my guitar and the moons still in puberty
dont look at me that way
i wont stay inside every day
but i digress my chest is convex i fall with a mess
i press against glass fronts
living out of a suitcase is as much fun a girl can have w her clothes on
blood pounds in the crowns of my teeth
and i kissed berlin on the cheek
cos of this rattle and roll cough
taught to search for guilt in pleasure
steel wool and skin meet for leisure
there's no dirt to begin with
my boots breached the city limits
Track Name: no man's landing (LIVE from an east german mattress)
im wearing your seventies brown flared cords
theres a missing key that separates me
and the door and my bed on the floor
im losing my mind here waiting
you hummed in your sleep this morning
I remember the tune still
but these black and white tiles
are giving me heart chill

out here on no man's landing
ill declutter your mind one step at a time
write with a pencil blunted right down to the bone
I keep hearing your funny little song

and I think of someone
I haven't known for too long
neighbours come down the stairs
and stare at my strange clothes
im an alien out here
Track Name: devenir
action action movement motion action
you and i we are free we imagine immensities
we refuse what's easy though
the route is less than clear
devenir spears the fear

whats the price to pay for unrestrained?
i'd pay anything anyday
we make equal and opposite waves
sweat in motion makes everything ok
Track Name: curate
lie lie lie
buy buy buy
Track Name: we'll have our manic pixie dream girls quiet pls
hendrix on the wall not much furniture
maybe a stick of incense maybe a little weed
smoke those jays stoned all day
ive got long hair and I don't care about anything
except peace and love john lennon above
bow down to the wifebeater
we'll have our manic pixie dreamer girls quiet please
Track Name: KEPLER 452-B (alternate accomodation)
you're gonna need alternate accomodation son
cos its all going wrong

thanks for having us we had such a ball
sorry for the mess that’s left
but things are starting to fall
seems we’ve gotta go
Kepler 452 its waiting for u
Kepler 452 fresh and new

take what u want until its all dried up
then pull the plug you're done sweep it under the rug
and move on, take the shuttle to
Kepler 452 don’t worry its waiting for u

new places to explore new people to ignore
new wars to be fought new disasters forged
new genocide enacted white man will adapt
new flags of their own for new soil to own

what fun
Track Name: yellow note tv static
pippi longstocking is comin into ur world a frecklefaced red haired girl u oughta know ppl do glorify u piped up me dingle everybody knows shits fucked theres a new game at court u might enjoy what is it? its called cunnilingus its an old country practise lol we represent the lollipop guild n in the name of the lollipop guild we wish to welcome u to munchkin land cock a doodle doo take that liquor straight never chase that we can take u home pete her badboy rocker boyfriend pete doherty is facing ????????///???? psycho killer qu'est-ce c'est? oi it wasn't that bad ????????? get ur hands off me u dirty ape he can talk he can talk he can talk he can talk i can sing! ooh help me dr zaius ?????????>>>??<? dr zaius whats wrong w me i think ur crazy i miss the time of the 1950s and i say this a lot ive always wanted to be a housewife and a mother like yea im doing the whole acting thing ive always wanted to be a housewife and a mother a housewife and a mother ?????///S??????????????????
Track Name: corner eye room
quit my job cos it put me in a fog
dark sky pale moon three in the afternoon
its gonna pour down hard real soon
he’s the kind you wanna tell your secrets to
im the kind you that wanna lose
watching shadows on the wall wherever i fall
like cats in mourning storming from the wings
basement scratchings in a dirty city

you’re worth more than your productivity
goodluck with a gold ring boats pass underneath
platinum summer ringing in my ears
unfinished dream collapsing into black sea

Dickinson dress white its easy to lose sight
half caught in venus fly body raw seedless kind
cahoots with the march fly see the eyelash bat with victory
sunflower seeds conference of fat beetles green
carousel on the avenue
beige jeans hang blue I see you in the corner eye room
Track Name: lascaux blues
there are times when I have the dark fear
when I feel removed from my own head
when I watch myself carry out normal things
and I wonder who that person is
and how they got there and where they came from

shouldn't worry life is an eternal present
why bother being in the future or the past
shouldn't be afraid no I wont be afraid
cos life is gonna happen no matter what

I wont fear cos I was dead for years
most people don't realise they were
dead for eternity and it didn't affect them
didn't affect them in the slightest
and they were happy

life is parentheses in eternity
a flash illuminating the cave
where our forebears sleep uneasily
in a world controlled by a selfish hand
led by a paper heart

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