the electric bluey ferris

by piss factory

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written and recorded by penny dreadful during august/september 2014.

all my love and thanks to bluey


released September 24, 2014


all rights reserved



piss factory Melbourne, Australia

if ratso rizzo stole a guitar and a copy of rocket to russia, he would be piss factory's fraternal twin.

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Track Name: ya got a smile that'd crack mirrors
i never clean my teeth cos it's too late
i'd wake everyone up
i hate pizza and lemonade ball games aeroplanes
airports so many thoughts inside my brain
oh i'm so restless
like the dregs of a coffee cup

i've got a souvenir
i'll squint and pretend i'm there

bluey its you and me now
i won't let them tear you down
we've got our own electricity
i'll save you and you save me
and i'll never cry again

i don't need anybody telling me
who i am or who i'm not
i can be anyone i want
Track Name: song for emma bowlcut
it takes a plane for me to see
it take a plane for me to see you at your door
caught a tram down brunswick st
caught a tram and i got lost when you went home

you got blisters from my guitar case
our business is to create
got your letter in my pocket
with the marble that i lost
summer comes and i want something i can't put my finger on

be slow be slow emma bowlcut be slow
be slow you'll get there in the end
be slow you're a golden friend

my teeth are crooked nowadays
courage and love is what she says to me
i feel like jelly
just stuck watching TV
glades just please on going i want you to be so happy
Track Name: bluey ferris
bluey ferris has got red brick walls
and a face like pins and needles
and i'm sick as a dog
and i've got a draino throat

where shall she go
i don't know
don't sit down
i won't sit down
pack your bags, it's coming soon

happy bleeding heart song
fuzzy head
a fist in my heart song
start again

i like the quiet nights
i like the big decisions
a quickening of pace
as he chews the inside of his mouth

what shall she do
fresh anew
back to the sun
its been too long

walk freely and out of sight
sleep in open field at night
Track Name: down and out (in sydney and melbourne)
leave you at town hall platform 6
no one needs the things they're selling
i wanna cause an aftershock
like a QF jet jetsetting off

cutlery in perpetual dive
above my bed and it's pointed at my head
my brain's in a bottle
and it's starting to rattle

down and out in sydney and melbourne
what's that ringing in my ear?
the room gives me a tip
turn and face the city

humpty never fell
he got pinned to the clothesline
and soaked to the shell
i'm gonna sleep in till tuesday
so i don't have to think at all
nothing at all
postie's at my door
bringing me a book i can fall into
fall into

i'm gonna shave my head
and make my bed
and quit lying around
and be happy instead

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